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Under the Dome Season 1 Finale: Curtains

Published September 17, 2013 by tiradical20s

DAMN, WHAT A CLIFFHANGER!  As Chester’s Mill fell into darkness, the townspeople began to panic and Julia, Barbie and the four kids tried their best to understand what exactly to do with the egg.  We did find out that Julia was the monarch and unfortunately, Big Jim is still alive despite his awfulness.  Julia, who was now in full possession of the dome egg, decided to throw it into the bay for protection despite Barbie’s life being at stake and the dome rained up the pink stars.  The last few seconds of the show was Big Jim telling Junior to pull the lever for the gallows to hang Barbie, and we still do not know if Junior did it or not! I hope he didn’t!  We also met a representative of the things that put the dome on Chester’s Mill and surprise surprise the dome wasn’t a punishment but it is to protect them!

Under the Dome will return for its second season in Summer 2014! (WAY TOO FAR AWAY!)