Modern Family Season 4, Episode 1: Bringing Up Baby

Published September 27, 2012 by tiradical20s


Last season on Modern Family we found out Gloria was pregnant and Cam and Mitchell were not getting a baby boy after all.  This season picks up directly after that, with Gloria having not yet told Jay about the baby and Cam and Mitchell dealing with their sadness.

I liked this episode.  I find this show to be extremely overrated and even tried to stop watching it for a little while, but I keep coming back because it’s so unusual yet usual all at the same time.

I think it was fun to see Gloria pregnant.  My prediction is it will be a girl. What’s even more interesting is that when the baby is born, it’s going to be Hayley, Alex and Luke’s aunt or uncle and Claire, Mitchell and Manny’s sister/brother…..what a strange family this is!


One comment on “Modern Family Season 4, Episode 1: Bringing Up Baby

  • I liked this episode, not really for the comedy as much (I like the gut busting lines more than the situational comedy) but the heartfelt tear jerking moments that come because we have had three years to connect and love these characters. The stuffed animals on the roof were really funny though. My DISH coworker and I really love to talk about the episode at work because the characters say and do some crazy things. Now, I even have time to watch another show after Modern Family because I watch commercial free with Auto Hop on my PrimeTime Anytime recordings. That makes for a relaxing evening; something I look forward to every workday.

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